KITA21 - Creators of the Future

To cope with the challenges of the future successfully, people need skills such as anticipatory thinking, openness, creativity, tolerance, and knowledge about strategies to solve problems. With “KITA21 – Creators of the Future”, the "Save Our Future" Foundation has started a pilot project in kindergartens which develops these skills in young children through play.

KITA21 assists lively educational projects which have a focus on children's everyday life. By exploring everyday things like food, water, energy or culture, they are encouraged to look beyond their own little world. By doing so, the little “creators of the future” realise that they are part of this world, that they can influence it, and that, as a result, they also have responsibility for it.

To achieve its aims, KITA21 backs up educators through workshops, aids for practical work, networking, consultancy and allocation. After the successful implementation of an educational project for sustainable development, a jury awards prizes to the kindergartens for their commitment in an official project such as KITA21.

The pilot phase of KITA21 has so far been confined to the region of Hamburg, but it is planned to extend it to other German federal states in the coming years. Transferring the concept to international education systems is generally possible, although this would require adjustments to the current conditions prevailing.

The organisation behind

KITA21 is a project of the S.O.F. Save Our Future Environmental Foundation, which is located in Hamburg, Germany.
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