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Save Our Future Environmental Foundation

Change starts in ones mind! One of the most important challenges of our time is the conservation of our environment for future generations. This is the reason why Save Our Future (S.O.F.) has got involved with projects which foster environmental awareness.

The aim of the foundation is to support people in making their own personal contribution to a liveable future. Among the various activities of S.O.F. the main focus is on the following two:

  • firstly, assisting Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development in kindergartens,
  • and secondly, improving access to information, events and educational activities in the context of topics like environment, nature conservation, culture and global development.

One of the S.O.F. projects is, for example, the model project KITA21 for kindergartens. S.O.F. is currently only active in Germany, but international cooperation would be welcome!

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